Free Outdoor Festival Handicap Accessible and Leashed Pet Friendly! See our FAQ for more info. stars 4th & 5th May 2013, Saturday & Sunday, 10am to 5pm and presenting our closing event, the Grand Victorian Ball at the Grand Ledge Opera House, sunday 5th May, 7pm. Tickets are limited! Sponsored By

Grand Victorian Ball

Arrive at the Ball in Grand Victorian Style — by Horse-Drawn Carriage!

As a special treat, you may now reserve your exclusive arrival to the ball in a quite beautiful vis-à-vis carriage for only $25 for a party of up to 6 small adults.

This is a very special and period-appropriate start to an elegant evening out, but reserve early, as spaces are limited!

To reserve your time, call
The Common & Gentry Carriage Co. at



We welcome dance prompter
Karen Dunnam!

We're thrilled to announce that the talented and very experienced Karen Dunnam will be leading several of our dances during this year's Grand Victorian Ball!

Ms. Dunnam, with her exceptional ability to put even the inexperienced dancer at ease, will be a truly wonderful addition to the Ball, and we feel honoured that she will be gracing us this year.


We are thoroughly pleased to announce that this year's Opening Event will be our second annual Grand Victorian Ball at the beautiful and historic Grand Ledge Opera House!

Join us to celebrate the romance and glamour of the height of the Victorian era with dance, merriment, and friends both old and new.


Friday, 2 May 2014
7pm to 11pm
Grand Ledge Opera House, Grand Hall
Corner of Bridge and River Streets, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Ticket prices

$35 per ticket
General admission includes:
  • Grand announcement on entrance (as was done at high society balls)
  • Entry ticket for door prizes
  • Hors d'oeuvres, finger foods, & desserts
  • Gift bag
Tickets are available at these Grand Ledge locations:


The event will be a formal dress ball; period dress is, of course, encouraged, but is by no means necessary. For non-period wear, dress should be as you'd be comfortable wearing to a fancy party.
Expect to see ladies and gentlemen in ball attire from eras spanning the Civil War (1860s) through High Victorian (1880s), which is in keeping with the overall spirit of our festival.
The Great Lakes Chamber Players, a live string ensemble, will delight you with period music appropriate for ballroom dancing.
Your ticket includes a souvenir Victorian dance card with which you may queue up your dance partners.
Those not inclined to dance will find other light amusements and plenty of opportunities for socialising.
Some dances will be called by the talented and experienced dance prompter Karen Dunnam.
The evening will include plenty of variety, and Ms. Dunnam will put even the most inexperienced dancer at ease.
Should you fancy a break, horse-drawn carriage rides, by The Common & Gentry Carriage Co., will be available throughout the evening.
For $5 per person, or $25 per carriage-load of 6 small adults, you may enjoy a short evening tour around town in a beautiful vis-à-vis carriage. So romantic!
A wonderful and Victorian-appropriate spread of Hors d'oeuvres will be provided by A Catered Affaire.
Finger-food type dishes & desserts, suitable for wandering and mingling.
We will also have a cash bar.
Wine, beer, soft drinks, water, etc. will be available to purchase.
Drawings for door prizes will be held during the evening.
If you have questions or would like to volunteer for one of our open positions, don't hesitate to call Sylvania at 517.316.6694 or email

Grand Victorian Ball

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