Free Outdoor Festival Handicap Accessible and Leashed Pet Friendly! See our FAQ for more info. stars Saturday, 6 May & Sunday, 7 May 2017, 10am to 5pm and presenting our Grand Victorian Ball at the Grand Ledge Opera House, Saturday, 6 May 2017, 7pm. Tickets are limited!


19th century poster: Lilly Clay's Adamless Eden 19th century poster: Harry Houdini

Featuring many topics of education, enlightenment, & entertainment, our Victorian Chautauqua brings back what President Theodore Roosevelt declared "the most American thing in America."

Rather like a mini conference (or TED Talks), with speakers, presenters, entertainers, and sometimes musicians and other performers, Chautauqua topics can include pretty much anything, and range from the educational and the scientific to the fun, the obscure, and even sometimes the entertainingly ludicrous.
Begun in the 1870s, Chautauquas continue to this day. Ours, of course, will include topics relevant to the Victorian era.

The following topics are lined up for the 2017 Victorian Days festival:

6 May 2017:

Changing Medicine and Minds
by Dr Lilly MacLeod
Victorian Hairstyles: How To
by Ms Julie Bourassa
Unmentionables: What They Wore Under There
Corsets and cages, petticoats and pantaloons... take a romp through the Victorian's secrets with this tour of the history of underpants.
by Mrs Sylvania Dye

7 May 2017:

Dr Lilly MacLeod & the Corset Epidemic
by Dr Lilly MacLeod
Naval Matters and Inventions
The American Civil War saw amazing leaps in technology. This presentation goes over the roots of the technology, its affect on warfare and the people involved, and how it still affects life today.
by Captain Rene Bourassa