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Grand Ledge is a warm, friendly small town in a beautiful and historic setting along the Grand River, just west of Lansing, MI. With truly unique geographical features, including freshwater springs and picturesque ledges (our town’s namesake), Grand Ledge has been a hidden gem for tourists for over 100 years.

While you’re in town, you’ll not want to miss the peaceful and beautiful walk along the Riverwalk trail, which joins Island Park and Fitzgerald Park. You’ll wind along the river, pass below the iron railroad trestle high above (built in 1888), and see stunning sandstone and quartzite rock formations along the way. The entrance to the Riverwalk trail is to the left of the bridge to Island Park, just off W. River Street, and the trail runs 1.5 miles to Fitzgerald Park.

For the more intrepid explorer, Oak Park, at the end of W. Front Street in Grand Ledge, is one of the few places for rock climbing in Michigan, making it a popular destination for local climbers. The sandstone cliffs along the river have nearly 100 routes ranging from basic to very difficult. For more information and a guidebook, visit

Several hotels are a short drive away along Saginaw Highway.

For lunch and dinner, we have several restaurants downtown and along Saginaw Highway, including:

both of whom have graciously helped us put on this festival.

A Few Victorian Facts

  • In the 1870s and 1880s, Island Park was home to the Seven Islands Resort, which boasted a hotel, merry-go-round, and bandstand... and a roller coaster spanning the islands.
  • In 1888, Grand Ledge became the second city in Michigan to get electric lights (Lansing was the first).
  • By the late 1800s, between 60,000 and 70,000 visitors came to the Seven Islands Resort every year, making it more popular than Mackinac Island during the Victorian era, and second in tourism only to Petosky.

(More fun information on Grand Ledge can be found at the Grand Ledge Area Historical Society and on Wikipedia.)