Free Outdoor Festival Handicap Accessible and Leashed Pet Friendly! See our FAQ for more info. stars 2nd & 3rd May 2014, Friday & Saturday, 10am to 5pm and presenting our opening event, the Grand Victorian Ball at the Grand Ledge Opera House, Friday 2nd May, 6pm. Tickets are limited! Firing Demonstration, Civil War Encampment, Island Park, Grand Ledge, Michigan
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The first weekend in May, Grand Ledge celebrates Michigan artists, local culture, and our rich Victorian heritage by inviting visitors to join us for historical demonstrations and themed activities in our beautiful downtown, overlooking the river and picturesque ledges.

This is a wonderful opportunity to discover Grand Ledge, explore our unique geography, learn about our rich history, and meet our friendly residents and shop-keepers.


Registration Deadlines Extended

By request, we've extended the deadlines to register as a demonstrator, merchant, or re-enactor to Friday, 4 April.

Soloists Wanted for Gilbert & Sullivan!

We're looking for lead singers and soloists of all persuasions (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) to lead our Gilbert & Sullivan Sing-a-Long at 4pm on festival day.

Check out our Gilbert & Sullivan Sing-a-Long page for this year's song list and information, or Email Miss Catherine Smith today!

Speakers Wanted for Chautauqua!

We want to showcase your Victorian topic of education, talent, or expertise!

What the dickens is a "Chautauqua," you may ask? It's rather like a conference, with speakers, presenters, entertainers, and sometimes musicians and other performers. Topics can include pretty much anything, and range from the educational and the scientific to the fun, the obscure, and even sometimes the entertainingly ludicrous.

Visit our Chautauqua page to sign up.

Re-enactors Wanted!

Join our Civil War encampments in a truly unique island setting!
We're looking for civilian and military groups to join our encampments and activities, hosted by the 8th Arkansas/22nd Michigan, including a skirmish for control of the island.

Check out our Re-enactor HQ page for more information and to register today.

Volunteers & Performers Wanted!

2014 planning is underway and we need your help!
Event and planning volunteers, street performers, demonstrators, re-enactors, musicians, and others with a Victorian theme — we want to hear from you today!

Check out our Volunteer page for general information or fill out our Activity Form on our Sign Up page if you're a performer or demonstrator. We look forward to hearing from you!

Announcing our second annual Grand Victorian Ball!

This year's opening event, and the society event of the summer season, our second annual Grand Victorian Ball will certainly be an event you'll not want to miss!

The ball begins at 7pm on Friday, 2 May at the beautiful and historic Grand Ledge Opera House.

Grand Victorian Ball

More information and where to get your tickets can be found on our Grand Victorian Ball page.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!


The 2013 edition of the Gazeeater, the official newspaper of the Victorian Days festival, has the scoop on last year's festival! Packed with all the details you could want on the goings-on, events, and specials to be offered by local shops, plus comprehensive maps for both Saturday's and Sunday's happenings, this is your definitive resource for all things Victorian Days.

Visit our Gazeeater page to download the 2013 edition or browse previous versions.