Free Outdoor Festival Handicap Accessible and Leashed Pet Friendly! See our FAQ for more info. stars Saturday, 6 May & Sunday, 7 May 2017, 10am to 5pm and presenting our Grand Victorian Ball at the Grand Ledge Opera House, Saturday, 6 May 2017, 7pm. Tickets are limited! Firing Demonstration, Civil War Encampment, Island Park, Grand Ledge, Michigan
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Each Spring, Grand Ledge celebrates Michigan artists and artisans, local culture, and our rich Victorian heritage by inviting visitors to join us for historical demonstrations and themed activities in our beautiful downtown, overlooking the river and picturesque ledges.

This year marks our 21st annual Victorian Days festival, and we are hard at work planning many exciting events.

We invite you to join us for this wonderful opportunity to discover Grand Ledge, explore our unique geography, learn about our rich history, and meet our friendly residents and shop-keepers.



EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!


The 2017 edition of the Gazeeater, the official newspaper of the Victorian Days festival, has the scoop on this year's festival! Packed with all the details you could want on the goings-on, events, and specials to be offered by local shops, this is your definitive resource for all things Victorian Days.

Visit our Gazeeater page to read the 2017 edition or browse previous versions.

This year's Gazeeater was so action-packed, we had to print our festival maps separately — so visit our Map page for a comprehensive map of festival happenings, as well.

Steampunk Exposition & Competition!

Blacksmith at Victorian Days

In order to recognise and laud the Magnificent Creations and Permutations of the Steampunk Community, it has been decreed by Her Royal Majesty that a proper competition should be held and performed with all due sincerity and aplomb. To wit, the aforementioned Victorian Days is holding the decreed Competition, and, indeed, Exhibition, to seek out the finest offerings and imaginings of all who see their duty and privilege to enter.

There are to be Three Categories for Entries: Costume and Wearable Accessories, Art, and Practical Creation. Those Hardy individuals wishing the Laurels of Victory must submit the amount of Two Dollars per Entry, and will strive for cash prizes including Grand - $50, First - $35, and Second - $20, plus Honourable Mentions.

Visit our Steampunk Competition & Exhibition page for more information!

Returning: Civil War Sunday!

Civil War, Northern troops firing

Visit both the North and the South all weekend long on beautiful Island Park, 6 May & 7 May 2017. You'll see living history re-enactors portraying all walks of life, military and civilian, with daily life, drills, and lively skirmishes going on throughout.

Each day also features a dramatic skirmish for control of the Island Bridge, during which the Union and Confederate Troops wage dramatic battles and fight to the death to capture the Island. Passage to the island closes 15 minutes prior to each battle for your safety, so secure your spot early!

We're very pleased to announce that we'll be joined by living historian and genuine tintypist Mr Robert Beech!
Visit Mr Beech on Island Park for a demonstration of tintype creation using authentic materials and processes, and have your image captured forever in a metal plate, the iconic medium of the Civil War era (for a fee).

Among our valued Civil War guests, we proudly welcome the 102nd USCT, the 4th Michigan Company A, the GVSU Civil War Club, members of the 8th Arkansas, the 4th Michigan Company A, and other civilian and infantry groups.

We're actively recruiting more groups and planning many special events for Civil War Sunday, so mark your calendar and bring the whole family! We'll be announcing specifics here on this website and on our Facebook page as the festival date approaches.

Grand Victorian Ball Cancelled

It is with great disappointment and regret that we must inform the public that the Grand Victorian Ball has been cancelled for this year.

Several factors came together to make this year financially unviable, and while we have tried our best to address each one, ultimately the bills were there and the income was not. After much soul-searching, we have agreed that cancelling the Ball for this year is in our best interest.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused. We are truly grateful for your past and continued support, and we appreciate your interest in our event. We hope there is more interest in the Ball next year and that your continued interest will help us to make this wonderful event possible again.

Sincerely, the Grand Victorian Ball Committee.