Free Outdoor Festival Handicap Accessible and Leashed Pet Friendly! See our FAQ for more info. stars Saturday, 6 May & Sunday, 7 May 2017, 10am to 5pm and presenting our Grand Victorian Ball at the Grand Ledge Opera House, Saturday, 6 May 2017, 7pm. Tickets are limited!

Merchant HQ

19th century ad: Madam Rowley's Toilet Mask 19th century poster: Base Ball 19th century poster: Harry Houdini 19th century ad: J.T. Mayfield Scientific Apparatus 19th century ad: Straker's Achromatic Opera Glass 19th century ad: Perken, Son, & Rayment Optimus Rapid Lenses 19th century poster: Lilly Clay's Adamless Eden 19th century poster: Ward & Vokes, Fun Experts

We're thrilled to be able to provide visitors to the 2017 Victorian Days festival with a wide array of demonstrations and shopping experiences, themed to the spirit of our event.

Each year, Victorian Days hosts merchants and sutlers offering a variety of products to our festival-goers, with some choosing to demonstrate as well as sell their products, and others only selling, with no demonstrations.

Some examples of merchants we've had in the past, and some that are lined up for this year, include a Victorian General Store, Handmade Candies, Lotions and Soaps, Victorian and Civil War Clothing, Glass Art, Watercolour Paintings, and Pen and Ink Artwork.

All merchants & demonstrators must have a Victorian theme, and we encourage all participants to dress in Victorian attire.

There are no fees to submit your application.
Fees are only charged to merchants or demonstrators who are also selling products at the festival, as follows:

    If you are...
  • demonstrating, performing, or displaying your craft or skill only, and not selling products
    NO FEE.
    please fill out our Demonstrator Form instead, if you won't be selling anything
  • demonstrating PLUS selling non-food products
    — or —
    a Civil War sutler, dressed appropriately and with proper setup
    10% of total sales, up to $20 maximum fee
    (i.e., if you sell $100, the fee is $10. If you sell $500, the fee is $20.)
  • selling non-food products only, with no demonstration or activity
    $25 per 12'x12' space
  • food vendor booth

To register for our 2017 festival, please complete the form below or, for more information, email Marilyn Smith or call 517.627.5170.