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Steampunk Competition & Exhibition

Steampunk Competition and Exhibition poster

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In order to recognise and laud the Magnificent Creations and Permutations of the Steampunk Community, it has been decreed by Her Royal Majesty that a proper competition should be held and performed with all due sincerity and aplomb. To wit, the aforementioned Victorian Days is holding the decreed Competition, and, indeed, Exhibition, to seek out the finest offerings and imaginings of all who see their duty and privilege to enter.


Registration & Exhibition
Registration is open from Saturday, 6 May at 10am to High Noon and Exhibition from High Noon to 4:15pm. The entirety taking place Saturday, 6 May 2017, from 10am–4:15pm.
Judging & Awards
Judgement will occur and prizes will be awarded on Saturday, 6 May 2017, from 4:15pm–5pm.
The exhibition and awards ceremony will be held at Grand Ledge Opera House.

Official Rules

Entries are to be accepted at the Victorian Days Festival on the 6th day of May in the year 2017. Entrants should submit their wares starting at 10am upon that Saturday, and no later than high noon on that same day; after entering, Entrants are free to enjoy the festival until Judgment occurs while the populous enjoys your assembled inventions upstairs of the Opera House. Judges shall endeavour to examine and postulate on said entries at approximately Saturday, 6 May 2017 (after tea) until an overall Grand, a First, and a Second Place Honour is bestowed upon those Entries and confer such awards at approximately 5pm (before wine) on that self same day. Honourable Mentions shall be handed out at the Judges’ discretion.

There are to be Three Categories for Entries: Costume and Wearable Accessories, Art, and Practical Creation. Costume and Wearable Accessories shall consist of clothing in a wearable state and accessories, submitted with or as a standalone entry. Art may be of any medium, but should be smaller than a Stanley Steamer. Practical Creation may be any object Designed and Fashioned to perform a Function for which it has been Designed and Fashioned and be able to demonstrate said Function.

Those Hardy individuals wishing the Laurels of Victory must submit the amount of Two Dollars per Entry and should select one of the Three Categories above. The Prizes they are striving for are Grand - $50, First - $35, and Second - $20, with an unknown amount of Honourable Mentions. Those wishing only to Exhibit their Creations are Exempt from Entry fees and Exempt from Prize awards, but still may receive Honourable Mentions.


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